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The Course

The unique advantage of the course is that it offers a high level of individual attention with a wide mix of team work training and mentored independent learning sessions.

Students are taught in very small class sizes (restricted to an absolute maximum of 8) which creates a collaborative training environment with constant proximity to tutors. The very small class size allows us to focus on each student’s own intelligences and give extra coaching where needed. The school environment promotes discussion and inquiry which stimulates critical thinking and illumninates ideas. The course delivers a depth of language skills and a breadth of cultural awareness which gives you a cosmopolitan perspective and a natural flair for connectivity.

How the course will help you in your acquisition of the language

The course will increase your effectiveness in English by giving you a depth of language knowledge, an elevated level of confidence and fluency and a breadth of cultural awareness. You will gain the confidence to use English naturally and effortlessly which will make you comfortable in either academic or professional situations which demand the use of English.

You will develop techniques to create clear arguments in both written and spoken English and to communicate your message with impact.



Tailored to your requirements

IELTS & University Preparation

Professional & specialised English

Choose your course format

The Course

27.5 hours per week

A structured programme of lessons, workshops, plenaries and personal independent research.

For this option, please choose ‘Octorial Course’ when you make your course application.

The Combination Course

32.5 or 35 hours per week

Additional one-to-one lessons are added to the Octorial course, with the option of either 5 or 7.5 one-to-one lessons per week.

This gives you the chance to focus on a particular area of interest (essay writing, exam coaching, etc) or to focus on content which is specific to your profession (law, medicine, economics, marketing, etc) with your personal tutor.

For this option, please choose ‘Octorial Enhanced 5’ or ‘Octorial Enhanced 7.5’ when you make your course application.

This option can also be chosen as an upgrade once you have begun your course.

The Essential Course

18 hours per week

You may select your choice of 18 hours of tuition per week out of any sessions from the weekly timetable. Outside of lesson times, you are welcome to remain in school and use the school’s study facilities.

For this option, please choose ‘Octorial Essential’ when you make your course application.

One-to-one lessons

5-30 hours per week

For maximum progress or full specialisation in a particular area of interest, one-to-one lessons can be chosen from 5 to 30 hours per week.

This option allows complete focus on your personal requirements and maximum progress.

For this option, please choose One-to-one lessons when you make your course application.